Saturday, February 27, 2010


Before she started falling apart over Holiday break (unfortunately). Hopefully, if I have more time after Spring Break, I will fix her up again and take some nice turn-table photos (a la the Aristocats Butler sculpture).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm official!

Haha I officially have a website:

It's nothing special (yet)... but my demo reel is on there. I'm just excited to finally have a website! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Compilation Slide

A compilation of random digital paintings I've done/been working on.

The one on the left is a character design for Thesis that I kind of abandoned.... The one in the middle right was a Santa I was working on for Holiday cards that I need to trim out of the background a bit more/clean up.

Just a few things that have been laying around...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Bit More of India

So I apologize because Blogger uploads these in backwards order... but imagine that I traveled these from the bottom to the top (because that's what actually happened :-P). The comments might make more sense that way too...

Inside one of the many temples.

A home by one of the landmarks we visited...

Yes - snake charmers! Sanjeev tried to get me to get closer, but I wouldn't have any of it!

Grandpa looking out of one of the many intricately carved screen windows.

Restoration work in Jaipur.

Jaipur - "the pink city"


The view of the Taj from another landmark. Note the insane traffic... oddly this was in only one direction (coming from New Delhi), but the traffic in India is both insane and an art form of its own. If you think driving in Manhattan is bad...

The view of the Taj Mahal from our hotel.

Some really cute kids who thought I was cool because I was American. That doesn't happen very often... except for in India! (The me being mistaken as cool, and the fact that being American was cool!)

The Taj Mahal!

The Taj Mahal!

Told you I loved the trees...

The Taj Mahal!

Main Gate leading into the Taj Mahal.

My grandpa. :) He's the one who made this whole trip possible.

These screens are amazing. They were carved for the women to be able to look out, but for no one to be able to look in and see them!

This is a terrible photograph, but I wanted to try and catch some of the amazing colors!! We were in the car... so I should get some credit for that! The yellow plants are mustard, apparently...

A Bit of India

India was incredible... and though I have tried numerous times - facebook seems to be resisting my attempts to share some photos!

So here is a little bit of the amazingness. It was a truly inspiring trip and I have so many ideas/plans from this trip that I want to work into my current stuff. More to come!!

P.S. I love the trees in India!

Aristocats Maquette

Here is a quick preview of the Aristocats maquette I worked on last semester. In our studio we affectionately refer to him as "little dude," but hopefully he is easy enough to recognize from the movie!

I spent some rather long hours fixing him up and having a friend help me photograph him (stop-motion turntable!), so by the end of the weekend I should have the turntable video all finished and ready to show! But for now... just a little tease of our "little dude."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally Back! And Joe Gilland Workshop

Hey all (or at least anybody reading this :) )

Sorry for the delay! After my last final in mid-December, I rushed home for an early flight to India. I had an amazing Holiday break with my grandparents and my aunt (pictures to come shortly), and got back in early January with a few days to spare. After getting over jet lag and the time difference, I quickly packed up and moved back to Philly where I have now begun the second semester of my senior year at UPenn.

I have a lot to show here (and am again, sorry for the delay due to the adjustment period). I have some fun things from the end of last semester, some things from over break, and already a lot of work from this semester!

So the hiatus is over! I'm starting off with an amazing link to an article by Joseph Gilland. We were amazingly lucky enough that Erinn procured some funding and made it all happen... and got Joe to come to Penn! I attended a 3-workshop in January where he taught all about VFX animation and the importance of forces and feeling over digitization and automation. Here is a link where he talks about his experience:

(That's me at the end, presenting the boards for my final effect, and me in the middle of the group shot, giving bunny ears to another student.) I learned a ton from the workshop, and am still so excited that Erinn and Julie managed to make this happen after we attended the preview in Ottawa.

I'm currently working on animating the effect I chose for the final, as a part of a piece for thesis. I promise to show you more when I can.

Expect a LOT more in the next few weeks. I have tons of work and pictures from all across India to share! And of course my usual postings as the semester commences...

Wish me luck in my quest for a summer internship... Finishing up my applications in the coming weeks!